Salsa Chocol

mayan cacaoWhen we were approached to help recreate some foods that were literally 1000 years old we couldn’t wait. This recipe is one of the first historically accurate salsas you can find. With such ingredients as fair trade cocoa, Mexican oregano and whole roasted cumin seeds, this salsa is a modern interpretation of an authentic Mayan super  food.(Ultra small batch made to order.)

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Red Zone Salsa


We smoke our own  local jalepinos to create A smokey  chipotle  salsa that’s incredibly authentic and  slightly above medium heat.Smoking for flavor and preservation is ages old and our chef has created something incredibly special utilizing local hardwoods.

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Fire Eaters Salsa

The name says it all. This salsa contains our own Voodoo Powder. We roast then smoke our habaneros until they are rich and chocolaty. This technique concentrates the flavor and heat making this salsa deep rich and full of flavor. Very Very hot!!!

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Pico Planet Salsa

We literally have people coming back to us saying this is the best salsa they have ever had. All grown and sourced in Baltimore county.… Continue reading